About Us

Hi Ladies (and gents)! I'm Kira, a wife, mother of 2 (girl mom), caregiver, follower of Christ, and before I gained all the baby weight a lover of fashion! I started Wildegalz Boutique at a very low point in my life; sitting at the bedside of what we thought was my husband's death bed (he's recovered, but still suffers from his chronic illness daily). Feeling defeated, lost, and overwhelmed, I realized that I had lost me in the midst of becoming a wife and mother. I knew I wanted to be known for more than that and I needed something for ME!

As mothers, we tend to pour into everyone around us and forget ourselves in the midst of that. I was pouring from an empty cup and I knew I needed change before I completely lost myself. I've taken two of my passions, fashion and being a wife/mom, and birthed Wildegalz Boutique.

Wildegalz Boutique started as an online store for little girls inspired by my two girls; Grace and Merci, however, YOU all changed the vision and we couldn't agree more! Once again, I was neglecting me and pouring into my children (force of habit). But now, Wildegalz is for US!

Ladies, if you're curvy, tall, a mom, a wife, or whatever, we know we have something here for you! We love skirts and dresses, so if that's your jam too, you've come to the right place!

As I always say...you were YOU before the husbands or children. Treat yourself well and always show yourself some grace! 

With lots of Love, 



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